This is where I reveal a long-held secret, I’m an amateur genealogy sleuth. It’s been my alter ego for about 33 years, though in the beginning I had few resources or strands to work with.

Now, I did wonder whether this segment should be nestled under Mindful Adventuring, simply because when I’m on a case, I am wholly in the zone. I forget all my woes, I lose myself in the past, the history of different towns, regions, countries, and people. I’m enthralled with the tough searches, the ones that require a lot of wide-angled thinking to resolve.

I’d like to begin sharing the cases I’ve worked on, what I’ve learnt along the way, and why helping you would undoubtedly be helping me, too. Whilst I piece this page together, do you have any dark horses you want bringing to light?

For a donation I can create a family tree and research your ancestors. I’d encourage everybody to get involved in their family research. What we can learn about our ancestors serves to enhance our appreciation for our own lives, our struggles and our blessings.

Please get in touch via the Contact form if you would like me to help, and donations can be made via this PayPal link.