Welcome to Yvie’s online Redbubble photography & illustration shop

The photography, graphic design, digital and hand-drawn illustrations are curated and revisited for multiple homeware, clothing and stationery products, including t-shirts, jumpers, scarves, bags, clocks, mugs, journals,  art prints, greetings cards, and much more.

Journals & Notebooks





Why purchase from Yvie?

By doing so you will help to promote Yvie’s work as a self-supporting and self-researching artist dedicated to expanding the support and understanding for our continual mental health.

What products are there available?

The merchandise available ranges from clothing to decoration, accessories to stationery. The list continually expands as the Redbubble company grows, but each design from Yvie’s shop is completely original to Yvie’s craft, philosophy and spirit.

The designs created are curated by Yvie’s adventures in creative & mindful running, illustrations inspired from connecting with other people, and photography from escapades such as the 2016 Fierce Mind LEJOGLE event.